Tithes and Offering


On July 3rd, we will be switching from our current payment processor, MyVanco, to Nucleus Giving to process your tithes and offering. This will help us streamline the giving process and simplify your needs. For now, you can continue to make payments through the traditional MyVanco processor, or you can start making payments through our new processor, Nucleus Giving. After July 3rd, we will exclusively receive payments through Nucleus Giving.

If you want to make a giving payment through MyVanco, click here. Remember that we will not accept payments through MyVanco after July 3rd.

If you want to make a giving payment through Nucleus Giving, just click the little purple dot on the right hand corner that says Next Steps, and click on the Giving button.

Please note that we strongly advise you to cancel any recurring donations that you have set up with MyVanco before you set up a recurring donation through Nucleus Giving, just to ensure that you are not duplicating donations.